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Top mounted transmitter
Small, user-friendly and safe Because of its integrated design, it allows use in low-cost B-junction boxes. In the flat cover junction box, it can be installed in the terminal seat position. At the same time, it has the characteristics of user friendline
Guide rail transmitter
SITRANS TR does not require power supply when connected directly to a 4-20 mA circuit. They are installed in the junction box or in the control room of adjacent processes, thus allowing centralized access to all connected measurement points. From the o
Field Transmitter
Depending on your choice, SITRANS TF can choose a solid aluminium die-casting or durable stainless steel case. It converts signals from resistance thermometers, resistance sensors, thermocouples and voltage sensors into current signals or bus signals (PRO
Temperature sensor
SITRANS TS temperature sensor is the perfect product to provide accurate and safe temperature measurement. Thermal resistance and thermocouple support process are widely used in industry. Combining with integrated thermostat module makes system integratio