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S-FC-CL Cabinet Manual Chlorination Machine

Product model: S-FC-CL
Product Name: Cabinet Manual Chlorinating Machine
Model: S-FC-CL-5
Chlorination capacity (KG/HR): 0.5-10
Installation: Place on the ground

Product characteristics:
Ultra-thick fluorinated coating guarantees super corrosion resistance of excellent series products
Integral Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS Structures - High Strength, No Deformation, Corrosion Resistance, Aging Resistance
Fluorinated Plastic Regulating Valve Base - Immersed in chlorine, non-bloating, anti-aging
All bolts and bolts are made of titanium alloy with corrosion resistance.
Ultra-high strength water jet and diffuser can withstand high impact pressure
Universal water jet is easy to install, flexible to use and versatile.
The vacuum assembly of PVDF material is easy to disassemble and assemble without special tools.
All Excellent Series Gas Feeding Systems are equipped with Double Pressure Check Valves to ensure safe and reliable operation.
Advanced design, fewer components, excellent material, advanced technology; easy to use, easy to maintain and maintain, simple maintenance, low cost of use
Product uses:
Drinking Water
Drinking water disinfection
Taste and odor control
Removal of Iron and Manganese by Oxidation
Removal of hydrogen sulfide from water
food industry
food processing
Poultry processing
Disinfection in Canning and Bottling Industry
Precision Processing and Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
Industrial circulating cooling water
Disinfection of cooling water
Sterilization and Algae Control in Cooling Tower
waste water treatment
Disinfection of hospital wastewater
Treatment of Metal Wastewater